2024 Seed Swap Deadline Mar 15th.

Round Robin Seed Exchange

How it works:

Find your name on the list.  Give your name and address to the person on the list above you.  They will be sending you the box.

When the box arrives at your house, swap out the packets you want from the box and replace the exact amount or more back into the box and send it to the next person on the list after you.

This is a perpetual exchange and you can skip when it's your turn by notifying the moderator well in advance or by sending a message to the person before you on the list.

How to get on the list:

Send a DM on Instagram or email to the moderator on the Contact page.

This is a separate exchange besides the Frugal Garden Seed Swap on the Products page. The one on the Products page only happens once or twice a year, whereas the Round Robin is perpetual.