2024 Seed Swap Deadline Mar 15th.

Rules and FAQ

NOTE: These are rules and details for the mass online mail-in seed swaps, not in-person seed swaps.

1. Each seed swapper will make the number of packets that they wish to trade with others in the swap and send in to the organizer (that's me).

***Example: If you send in 25 packets of seed, you will receive 25 packets of seed in return from the swap. The amount you send in is the amount you receive back from the swap from other gardeners.

*No more than 100 of any one variety.

*Maximum 200 packets, unless the swap organizer sets a different max for that particular swap.

2. Seed can be store bought or from your own garden.  Flowers, herbs or veggies only. 

3. Organic, Non-GMO preferred

4. Send seed to the organizer by the date posted on social media and/or sent to you via email. The date for  2024 deadline to send in your seeds is March 15th. This communication is usually announced on social media in a post and on stories multiple times, and via email so that everyone sees it. I am on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.  Quickest way to reach me is private DM on Instagram but I do periodically check all of them, including email.

5. The organizer (that's me) will receive all the seed packages from everyone in the swap (that's you and all the gardeners swapping seeds) and make the exchanges. The organizer will then return the seeds to you from the other swappers in one envelope (padded). You pay for shipping. The actual swap is free, you just pay the cost to mail it back to you.

6. No seed older than 3 years old.

7. The return date will be as soon as I can make the exchanges and send it back to you. Once I have received all the packages, it usually takes me two weeks of working on it every night after work to get it all sorted, exchanged, labels made, etc. Know that I want to get these out to you as soon as I can. Please be patient :).

8. No illegal seed, please. This is for vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.

9. Shipping cost: use your credit card online or send payment with your seeds once you click Check Out button.  If you are mailing your payment or wish to use PayPal, send me an email [email protected]

**U.S. Shipping:  includes the cost to mail your package, and any fees that Stripe charges for using a credit card on the website. 

10. How much seed goes in each packet? The answer is how much you would be happy receiving in a swap. Make it enough for a nice harvest.  7-10+ for beans seeds, 15-25 for tomatoes, basil, etc. Use your judgement. If it is a seed that is rare and you can only get 5 in each packet, and you think it is OK, then go with that, but if it is something common, one would expect more in it. The amount is up to you. If you want to put more in there, we will have very happy swappers! :)

11. Packets do not have to all be the same variety. You can have 5 bean packets, 10 Coneflower packets, etc. One variety per envelope.

12. I make MULTIPLE attempts to contact you to remind you to send in your seeds to be swapped using social media posts, stories, private DM, and email.  It is your responsibility to mark the date when you sign up and to send in your seeds on time. Any swapper who fails to send in their seeds despite these multiple attempts will forfeit the shipping cost. 

13. If you need to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances (illness, finances, major disaster)  after you sign up, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss. 

14. You will receive an email with the address to mail your seeds to and a deadline date.

15. Putting your social media name on the packets is helpful for me sorting the seeds to envelopes. You don't want your own seed packet to make it back to you as a swap.

IMPORTANT: Please include your order number and real name on a piece of paper inside the package of seeds you send so that I can account for receipt of your seeds.